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Poland’s unique geopolitical climate and domestic factors make for an interesting case of far-right momentum.  Poland’s Freedom and Justice Party, or the PiS, currently dominates the country’s political life, having received 8 million votes in 2019- an increase of 40% from its share in 2015.[1] The PiS has taken several steps toward a less democraticContinue reading “Poland”


1: What far-right parties are active? What defines them as far-right/fascist/radical right? The far-right in Germany is not limited to “fringe” or informal groups, there are two legitimate political parties, the Alternativ für Detschland (AfD) and the Nationaldemokratische Partei (NPD), that have representatives at the local, state, and national levels. The AfD is fairly newContinue reading “Germany”


In recent times, Canada has championed liberal policies like universal health care, legalization of same-sex marriage, carbon pricing, multiculturalism, legalization of cannabis, reproductive choice etc. attributed to the dominance of liberal politics in Canada. In the October 2019 election, Trudeau’s Liberal Party was able to barely hang on to a majority (despite Trudeau’s blackface controversy)Continue reading “Canada”

The United States

The alternative right (alt-right) is an active far-right group operating in America. It is not so much a party since it lacks formal organization. However, it serves as a political medium for those who share far-right beliefs (including but not limited to white-supremacy, anti-Semitism, racism, extreme nationalism, Islamophobia, etc.). The closest form of organization isContinue reading “The United States”

South Africa

The majority of South Africa’s history since 1945 involves Afrikaner Nationalists and Apartheid. Inspired by the Nazi’s, several far-right Afrikaner groups were founded in South Africa and gained strengh during the early years of the war. In 1948, the National Party took power after uniting the Afrikaner far-right under one party. Groups like the AWBContinue reading “South Africa”